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Gastronomic Engineering for Food Innovation

Gastronomic Engineering reaches SMEs and restaurants

This Project on dissemination of Gastronomic Engineering (IG) funded by CORFO will transfer to small businesses and restaurants years of study of food as tasty and healthy structures and experience working with chefs.

The focus of the Gastronomical Engineering is to discover and exploit the culinary qualities of raw materials and their behavior as gastronomic structures, using scientific approach. This is done in a co-creation space consisting of chefs and food technologists (and other specialists) working working together in an experimental cuisine, with access to a modern engineering laboratory and state-of the-art food microstructure equipment . The value proposition lies in interpreting and transforming the needs of domestic and foreign consumers in ingredients, dishes and food products with high added value.

The dissemination activities that will be accesible to the project beneficiaries are:
- A classroom course gastronomic engineering (6-8 modules)
- Short one-day minicourses to be held in 6 regions
- Conferences and workshops

A first course took place during April-June 2016 with 15 participants. Pere Castells, the scientist of elBulli spent one week in Santiago giving conferences and participating in demonstrations that attracted more than 100 participants

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